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Web Design in Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos - Web Design in Itire-Ikate, Surulere, Lagos - Web Design in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos - Web Design in Okota, Isolo, Lagos

If you live or work close to Ijeshatedo, Aguda, Okota and Itire in Surulere, Lagos and you want a professional web designer, web developer and/or digital marketer close to you then you can call on me. We can be able to plan through together on your project from start to finish and I will be able to demonstrate to you every detail of the execution timeline.

I have done projects for several clients in Surulere so you will be in good company in the neighbourhood working with me.

Also I easily consummate web design, web development and digital marketing projects from neighbouring areas of Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Eric Moore, Kilo, Masha, Shitta, Ogunlana Drive, Ojuelegba, Akerele, Adelabu, Alaka, Gowon Estate, Costain and Lawanson all within Surulere, Lagos.

My Web Design Profile

Web Design in Ijesha Surulere Lagos NigeriaI am a professional web designer, I know the job and I am damn good (yes I blow my own trumpet), I possess the skills, I have the experience and very importantly I have a very good customer relationship. I have studied and built websites for over 12 years now starting from wayback when we used Microsoft Frontpage to harcode HTML 2.0 and CSS 1 all the way to now hardcoding with PHP, HTML 5 and CSS 3, and building sites with Drupal CMS.

Drupal is the best CMS on earth, it may not be for every tom, dick and harry to jump on, but in the hands of a site builder and/or developer that knows his onions, it is simply put, an atomic bomb! It is unarguably the most secure, most robust and scalable and the most flexible.

I build websites ranging from simple personal blogs to other kinds of websites for individuals, sites for companies and organisations including NGO's, sites for schools and churches, and multi-sites for large organisations and institutions who maintain a number of separate but inter-related sites (multi-site features will enable these organisations have a central control to manage a number of subsidiary sites, adding shared content and configurations across all sites when needed and also having dedicated content per site, sharing resources like database tables and libraries across all sites when needed, having same look and feel across all sites when needed and yet the sites serve their dedicated purposes. This is good for a centralized and cost-effective management of the sites.)

About Your Web Project

I will work with you on your web project either you are yet to go online or you have been online without much success and you need to reposition your online presence.

If you have been online already, I can come in to analyze and rework your website architecture and then look at your search engine optimization status to optimize or re-optmize your website with the best available SEO standards. Apart from SEO, we will go further to implement the remaining digital marketing requirements for your business so that we can give the necessary kicks to your online presence. It is not enough that you have a website that sits only on your business card and no one finds you on the internet, that will not be a good investment.

If you do not have a website already then we shall create one. If you have not planned the content structure already then I can come in for us to work together on it, in so far as you have your content ready with you and you are ready to go online. After we create your website, we shall position it to work for you online together with the full compliments of digital marketing for your entire business.

How Long Will It Take To Finish Your Website

10 working days max I will deploy your site on live server, unless your requirements are that heavy, in that case I will have to give a personalized timeline, but whatever is it you want created, you can let me know about it.

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Steps to Create your Website

Here are very easy steps to have me create your website in not more than 10 working days.


Need a website? Contact Me.