Chike's Businesses (CB) is Chike's portfolio website. Chike is a web designer and businessman.

Web Design & Development

Web Design in Lagos, Nigeria

I am a website designer and developer, I build websites with PHP and Drupal. I create the dreams of my clients; however you want your website and whatever you want your website to do for you, I will create it to fit your exact dreams.

I started my web design career by hardcoding static HTML sites and then I progressed to hardcoding dynamic PHP sites and now I build websites with Drupal.

Some of my works include:

  1. The Maceden Integrated Services website

  2. The website (handled for

  3. The Prince Edem Jojo website

  4. The Divicab International Services website

  5. The PUKENA Concierge Services website

  6. The website

  7. The Magnus Media website

  8. The EcoPro Resources Ltd website

  9. The Rosegabriel Institute website

  10. The Veritas Solicitors & Consult website

  11. The Centre for Corrections & Human Development website

  12. The Nigeria Events People website

  13. The Magnus Film Academy website

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

I offer digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization for websites, Email markerting, paid PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and more. I rework existing sites to make them become very visible online and rank very well in search results; and I build new sites to comply with best search optimization practices.

Highlights of my digital marketing services include:

A) Keyword research

B) Search Engine Optimization for site content

C) Content marketing

D) Google Analytics implementation and training

E) Newsletter implementation for email marketing

F) Paid PPC (paid to click) advertising with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others

G) Training on SEO ethics

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Chemical products and industrial machines in Lagos, Nigeria

I am connected with suppliers and dealers of Industrial Chemicals and Industrial Machines & Equipment across Nigeria.

Industrial Chemicals

I am connected with dealers, suppliers, importers and a network of companies who sell industrial chemicals.

Some of the readily available items include:

  • Talcum Powder

  • Calcium Carbonate

  • Oxide Powders

  • Glycereine

  • Liquid Glucose

  • Soya Lecithin

  • Citric Acid

  • Caustic Soda

  • Soda Ash

  • Paraffin Oil & Wax

  • Colorants

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

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Industrial Machines, Equipment and Tools

I market for a dealer in industrial machines in Lagos. I am partnering with a sole distributor here in Nigeria who can supply Industrial Machines and Equipment in the following categories:

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