Chike's Businesses (CB) is Chike's portfolio website. Chike is a web developer and digital marketer.

I have trimmed down services on CB to Web Development and Digital Marketing and hence the website itself has approached end-of-life. I would retire it soon and overwite it with the official website of my web development and digital marketing company.

Web Design & Development

Web Design in Lagos, Nigeria

I am a website designer and developer, I build websites with PHP and Drupal. I create the dreams of my clients.

I started web design back in the day by hardcoding static HTML sites and then I progressed to hardcoding dynamic PHP sites and now I build websites with Drupal. I am based in Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

I can build very professional and standard websites ranging from simple blogs, basic company websites, e-commerce websites, to very complex and large websites. If you are looking to set up a small website for your personal use, a personal blog, or a small website for your company, or a standard company website, or a befitting website for your church, or a website for your organisation, or a website for your school; I will handle it. If your needs are enterprise, it is not a problem, I will handle your upscale projects too. I build exclusively with Drupal and Drupal, mostly Drupal 8 is well suited for enterprise level websites.

Church Website

For your church website, we would literally take your church online; we would have your Events and Meetings schedules on site and logs of them; we would have your Ministries on site as communities so you get a Singles Ministry community somewhere on the site, Youth Ministry, Men Fellowship, and Women Fellowship communities, you would have moderators for each Ministry and membership can be controlled and activities/participation are limited to members-only or (if you choose) you can allow access for non-members as you desire; with the superb media handling in Drupal 8 you will love how easy you will manage photos, videos and audio media on the site and we would have beautiful and classically arranged photo, video and audio galleries on the site; we would have a church staff directory so site visitors can get to meet the staff of your church from the spiritual staff to other workers, these staff will have functional and robust profiles and each staff use the site differently depending on what you want them to do and see on the site, each staff once logged in will have limits to what he can do and see and have control over; we would have your messages and sermons on the site - audio, video, text and they can be free-to-access or paid-for, either for digital download or physical delivery, we can have a shop for the premium ones; we can stream your Services and programmes live on the site so members that could not make it to church can attend online or maybe they will join service on their phones while making their way down to the church if say they are delayed. Find church websites built with Drupal.

Educational and School Website

For your school website Drupal permits me to give you a standardized solution, Drupal is actually mostly widely used by government and educational sites and this is not by chance. Some of the reasons include an extensible workflow control that enables universities, colleges and other schools manage their publication process by seamlessly coordinating content operations, tasks and moderation, and keep team members from performing tasks out of order; fine-grained content and user access control that enables you restrict users on the site not only by content types and roles but also by sections of the site, this makes users work only how and where they are permitted to work on the site and also experience the site the way you designed for them distinctly; collaborative systems that aid research and teamwork; a superb multilingual support when your website is international; Drupal ships naturally with a robust and deeply hierarchical taxonomy system and this will assist in classifying content for ease of access and relevance; if you have several related websites for your school then multisite capabilities will enable you share content, configuration settings and users among the sites, this means you will drive all the sites from one codebase making for easier and cost-effective management; school websites prioritize security and Drupal takes security seriously. Find Drupal case study in education.

Publishing Website

For your publishing website I will give you a site that allows you and your team focus on what matters most to them: content. Drupal is awesomely flexible and this means everyone fits it to his purpose, so in this case I will turn Drupal to an amazing publishing platform for you and your team and once you get in to your site, it’s all about your content and managing them, and nothing else (unless you wish to throw something else in the mix – you are free).

You will love Drupal 8’s ease of use and superb media handling and then you will be blown by Drupal’s superior content moderation. Workflow management, content moderation and revisioning in Drupal is on a different level and this makes it easy for content authors, reviewers, and publishers to manage content and their workflow as excellently as they designed it.

Company/Business Website

We can set up your company/business website to taste, from very small websites to enterprise level websites. For small websites we shall make short work of them and for enterprise level sites we shall get the job done professionally.

Nonprofit and NGO website

I will setup a powerful website for your Nonprofit and NGO (non-governmental organization) with amazing functionalities that support your work; no single redundant feature but when you need a tool on the site we get it implemented out-of-the-box and we make sure it fits your purpose.

Very importantly, your site scales with your organisation so if you are starting out small from your immediate community and you start expanding to neighbouring communities and cities and nations, you can trust that your website grows with you. At some point you would need micro sites to serve different cities and campaigns, rest assured your main initial site will carry the other ones and baby-feed them and everyone stays pretty and nice and happy :).

Drupal is used by hundreds of Nonprofit and NGOs and most of our World's prestigious ones, find them here.


You let me know what website you want created.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

I offer digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites, Email markerting, paid PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and more. I rework existing sites to make them become very visible online and rank very well in search results; and I build new sites to comply with best search optimization practices.

Highlights of my digital marketing services include:

A) Keyword research

B) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for site content

C) Content marketing

D) Google Analytics implementation and training

E) Newsletter implementation for email marketing

F) Paid PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others

G) Training on SEO ethics

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